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Navajo man receives laptop donation

Appeal For Tech Moves The Needle!

In April 2024 Broken Rainbow sent out an appeal for a Navajo man who lost his home in a house fire.

I’m asking for more assistance. Today while out on the Navajo Reservation on Black Mesa we visited with Malcolm Benally, author of “Bitter Water: Dine Oral Histories of the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute” and doctoral candidate. He is living in a one room hut after loosing his home in a house fire. We learned he is using his cell phone to access the Internet and to type information for his doctorate and a grant he’s writing, while using a monitor he salvaged from his burnt house. We are hopeful someone has an unused monitor, keyboard or even a computer (preferably an Apple, they would donate to him. Your donation is tax deductible through the non profit Broken Rainbow. Again thanks for your continued support.

Nextdoor post, Sedona, April 3rd 2024

Community response was amazing. Broken Rainbow collected a new MacBook Air, a fairly new MacBook, an all in one Mac computer, 3 used desktop computers, and an HP laptop.

The outpouring of goods and other help consistently amazes, both in the level of generosity, and the ability to quickly respond to crisis. Thank you so much to all who donated to this appeal!