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The Academy Award-winning documentary Broken Rainbow inspired the non-profit Broken Rainbow. Katherine Smith of Big Mountain, Arizona was featured in the movie depicting the relocation of Navajo from their traditional homeland. Today, numerous families in remote areas of the Navajo reservation live without running water, electricity, and other necessities of life. The intent of our fundraising is to provide families with water, food, clothing, blankets, etc., things most people take for granted.

In partnership with Sedona Water Works, we have delivered 5-gallon jugs of drinking water to families on the Navajo reservation. Many people do not have reliable vehicles or monetary resources to haul water and food to their homes. We specifically help the elderly who live many miles from paved roads. Your donation helps with expenses related to delivering essential items.

Without access to running water and transportation to a laundromat, clean clothing and bedding are luxuries many do not have. We deliver donated items to individual homes using donations to pay for the fuel necessary to get to these families. We use several 4X4 trucks to drive the many miles on single-lane dirt roads riddled with potholes or nearly washed out by recent flooding. Your donation allows us to purchase fuel, 5 gallon water jugs and other necessities not donated.

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Grandma Katherine Smith

Delivering drinking water to a Navajo family who have no running water.

Latest Stories

  • Appeal For Tech Moves The Needle!

    Appeal For Tech Moves The Needle!

    In April 2024 Broken Rainbow sent out an appeal for a Navajo man who lost his home in a house fire. I’m asking for more assistance. Today while out on the Navajo Reservation on Black Mesa we visited with Malcolm Benally, author of “Bitter Water: Dine Oral Histories of the Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute” and doctoral…

  • Campaign To Acquire Starlink Dishes For Internet To Remote Navajo Homes

    Want to join me in making a difference? I’m raising money to benefit Broken Rainbow, and any donation will help families acquire internet service in very remote locations on the Navajo Reservation. Many families have solar collectors to allow them to have electricity, however the only company proving internet on black Mesa went out of…

  • Mission Accomplished!

    Mission Accomplished!

    Since our special appeal went out asking for help for two families whose houses burnt out, we had an exception outpouring from the people of Sedona with money and a vast array of high quality items. The mission to deliver many items to the St Michaels Chapter on the Navajo Reservation was accomplished! Over the…

  • House fires on the Navajo Reservation

    House fires on the Navajo Reservation

    Broken Rainbow has received an urgent request from the president of the St Michaels Chapter on the Navajo Reservation for assistance to two families whose homes burnt to the ground. Each family lost everything. The chapter has found vacant accommodations for those families and we are collecting donations of used furniture and housewares and other…

  • Delivery to Family at Rough Rock

    At the end of February a trailer fire near the Rough Rock Chapter on the Navajo Reservation left a family without housing for 4 of their children. On March 17, 2023 three of us traveled around the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona to load items, appliances, and furniture donated by the generous people of…

  • Donations Needed

    We have received a request for donations for two families whose trailers have burnt down in Kayenta, AZ. We have been contacted by individuals willing to donate Cal King mattresses, a washer and dryer and a refrigerator, but have no way of getting them there. If you can help with transport that would be appreciated.…

  • Highlights From March 5th Delivery

    Highlights From March 5th Delivery

    The truck is fully loaded and Matthew, Marybeth and Sophie are ready to head to St.Michael’s, Az to begin delivery.