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Broken Rainbow has developed a network of businesses and communities to help server native communities and individuals. Here is a partial list of our partnerships

Township of Kayenta

Broken Rainbow is partnering with the township on a grant with the EPA to clean up the reservation. More information is coming soon about this, including a call for volunteers to help with cleanup efforts.

Learn more about Kayenta Township at

St. Michael’s Chapter

Broken Rainbow delivers and distributes donated items and issues grants for purchasing firewood, a critical resource to heat homes, so elders that can not chop their own wood can stay warm in the winter

Learn more about St. Michael’s Chapter at

Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin donates winter coats and vests and other clothing to Broken Rainbow, which coordinates collection, delivery, and distribution.

Learn more about Arapahoe Basin at

Sedona Water Works

Broken Rainbow purchases 5 gallon water bottles and Sedona Water Works donates purified water. Sedona Water Works also support the donation collection effort, and supplies bottled water to volunteers at Broken Rainbow work events.

Learn more about Sedona Water Works at

Sedona Vortifest

Sedona Vortifest gives a portion of revenue directly to Broken Rainbow and provides free booth space at the event, and does other promotion for Broken Rainbow.

Learn more about Sedona Vortifest at

Bombas Socks

For every pair of socks people buy, Bombas donates a pair. Broken Rainbow delivers and distributes donated socks to native peoples.

Learn more about Bombas Socks at