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Delivery to Family at Rough Rock

At the end of February a trailer fire near the Rough Rock Chapter on the Navajo Reservation left a family without housing for 4 of their children. On March 17, 2023 three of us traveled around the Village of Oak Creek and Sedona to load items, appliances, and furniture donated by the generous people of this community. On March 18, 2023 a volunteer and I drove the items over 500 miles over 11 hours to deliver and unload the items at Ronald and Joyce’s home, 8 muddy miles from the nearest paved road. Once there Joyce introduced us to her sons, saying “I used to have 5 sons, but now I have 4 and a daughter”. Apparently two of her sons traveled by bus to Vegas to work, but one of her sons was not on the return bus……..Soon after Ronald made the trip to retrieve his son’s body, and arrange for burial, using funds saved to build their traditional hogan. The son who passed was in the process of building the hogan; however, the family cannot complete it until they purchase roof joists.

Our non-profit decided to help this family who are thankful for the items donated replacing those lost in the fire.

Generator, couch and chair are loaded.
Loading multiple appliances to replace the new items lost in the fire.
Joyce and Ronald helping unload the truck
Joyce and Ronald helping to unload the truck
Unloading the 20-foot U-Haul
Family members with new blankets donated by Words and Warmth
Partially built hogan to replace the trailer lost in the fire.
The remains of the trailer