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Mission Accomplished!

Since our special appeal went out asking for help for two families whose houses burnt out, we had an exception outpouring from the people of Sedona with money and a vast array of high quality items.

The mission to deliver many items to the St Michaels Chapter on the Navajo Reservation was accomplished!

Over the last weeks of November our wonderful volunteers collected all donations and stored them at two top secret locations, until the families could be placed into permanent housing by the Navajo Housing Authority.

On December 8th a 26 foot U-Haul truck and two trailers were picked up on December 8th and loaded by five fabulous volunteers. On December 9th the caravan left Sedona for the four hour journey to the St. Michaels Chapter house where even more volunteers arrived to help unload everything into the senior center. Items were sorted over the next two days.

The mother and daughter who lost everything received beds, couches, linens and towels, dishes, pots and pans, silverware, table and chairs, lamps, clothing, etc. Marybeth, chapter president, said “It was great to see them happy after losing all”.

Also delivered were almost 5000 pairs of Bombas socks that Broken Rainbow received from Bombas as part of their Giving Partners program!



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